Holiday Safety Tips For Cat Owners


The holiday season can be stressful for your cat. They may not be fond of all the bustle and strange visitors in the home. In many cases, they will simply seek out a quiet place to nap and wait out the season. There are also important safety concerns that accompany the winter holidays when it comes to your cat. The following tips can help you avoid a feline emergency.

Tip #1: Cover the tree water

If you have a live tree, then you have a water reservoir. This water is not safe for your cat to drink, since it will be tainted with tree preservatives. You must cover the top of the reservoir securely with a piece of netting that your cat can't move or access the water through.

Tip #2: Prevent tree disasters

Many cats are tempted to climb up a tree, which can cause it to topple over and cause injury. Another way to avoid toppling is to position the tree beneath a plant hook. You can then anchor the top of the tree to the hook with picture wire. If you have an artificial tree, make sure it has a weighted base. Mainly kittens and young cats climb trees, so until your cat outgrows the habit, avoid glass ornaments or those that could cause injury if broken or chewed upon.

Tip #3: Skip the tinsel

Tinsel is one of those things that many cats find irresistible. They like to play with it and chew on it. Yet, it can also be fatal. Cats can swallow long pieces of tinsel, which then cut or constrict their intestines when they are trying to pass it out the other end. Avoid tinsel at all costs. If you do notice a piece of tinsel dangling from your cat's rear, don't try to remove it. Call the vet immediately, instead.

Tip #4: Protect from electrocution

Some cats like to chew on wires, which can be especially dangerous if those wires include the electrified light string to your tree or decorations. Not only is this dangerous for your cat, but it could result in a house fire. Fortunately, this behavior is easy to prevent by simply coating the wires in a bittering agent from a pet supply store.

Tip #5: Hang your plants

Holly, mistletoe, poinsettias, amaryllis – these are just a few of the special holiday plants you may like to decorate with. Unfortunately, many of these plants are toxic or will at least lead to an upset tummy if your cat chews on the leaves or flowers. If artificial plants just won't do, consider hanging your holiday plants so your cat can't reach them.

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13 December 2016

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