How Grooming Your Cat Can Help Them Live Longer


Getting a nice brushing out can certainly feel nice, but can it actually help you live longer? Well, maybe not for you, but don't put that brush down because your feline could use every second of their 9 lives and can truly benefit from a nice grooming. Here are ways that grooming your cat can actually help them live longer.

You can discover injuries sooner

Cats are naturally curious and territorial, and unless you've never heard the is-someone-getting-shredded-in-a-lawnmower screeches of a cat fight, then you know they like to brawl as well on occasion. Regular grooming of your feline friend can uncover sores and infection you otherwise might not have known about since cats tend to be stoic and not share their woes with others (or their food, for that matter, unless it's a decapitated mouse- then it's a gift). Groom your cat in key areas where they are likely to get matted, such as between their front legs, on their neck, and down their flanks and near their tail, and you just may find a few scabs or scars along the way that you can treat with antibiotics from your vet. Without regular grooming your cat's injuries could become infected.

You can prevent hair balls

Unless you love the sound of a retching cat as they hack up half their innards to get out that teeny tiny hairball, you will want to regularly brush them for your own sanity. That, and for the health of your cat's internal organs. When cat hair gets stuck on your kitty's Velcro-like tongue, it can wrap up inside their intestines, get stuck in their throat, and even cause them to choke. Your cat can use all the help they can get to keep their fur sleek and silky and out of their ferocious mouth.

You can reduce stress

The same way a back or scalp massage makes you roll your eyes back in pure bliss, a grooming session for your cat is their own little spa moment. Your cat has a lot of stress in its life due to constantly having to meow to get their litter box cleaned or the nagging worry that you will forget to feed them every 5 minutes, and this stress can put strain on their hearts. Seriously, a thorough brushing can help your feline melt like butter in your eager arms and give them the relaxation they need to continue pestering you for a long, long time.


30 January 2017

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