5 Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe In The Winter


The winter season can be quite enjoyable for your dog. He can run around in the snow in your backyard and have tons of fun. However, cold weather can also pose several dangers for a pup, so it's important to watch your dog extra carefully and make sure he is safe. Here are five helpful tips for keeping your dog safe in the winter:

Monitor Your Dog's Behavior Outside

Whether you are taking your dog for a walk or letting him play in your backyard, pay attention to how he is behaving. Certain signs, such as shivering, whining, and slowing down, indicate that your dog is getting too cold and it's time to return inside. If your dog is exposed to cold temperatures for too long, he is in danger of frostbite and other serious complications.

Have Your Dog Wear Paw Protectors

Imagine how cold your feet would feel if you walked barefoot outside during the winter. Well, your dog's feet can get just as cold while walking on winter sidewalks. Putting paw protectors on your dog's feet before you take him outside will keep them warm and prevent frostbite.

Clean Up Anti-Freeze Spills

Anti-freeze can prevent your car from freezing in frigid temperatures. However, you must keep this chemical far away from your dog. Many dogs are attracted to the sweet smell and may ingest it if it's nearby. If you notice an anti-freeze spill in your garage, clean it up immediately.

Don't Overfeed Your Dog

Many dogs get less exercise during the winter months and may just want to lie around the house all day. That is why it is extra important to pay attention to your pup's diet. If you overfeed him, he can gain an unhealthy amount of weight. If your dog gets hungry for a snack before meal time, give something healthy, like carrots or green beans.

Buy Warm Bedding for Your Dog

It's not a good idea to let your dog sleep on the cold floor during the winter. Invest in quality bedding for your pooch, so he stays warm during the winter nights.

Winter conditions can be rough on a pup. However, if you look after your dog and keep him out of harm's way, he can remain safe and healthy this winter season. If you notice that your dog isn't acting like his normal safe, you should take him to see a veterinarian.


14 December 2016

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