Tips For Raising Your New Kitten


Bringing home a kitten can be a great way of adding a loving companion to your home. Yet, kittens have an assortment of needs that must be met for them to develop into well-adjusted cats. If you just acquired your first kitten, you may find these basic care tips helpful as you care for your new pet.

Keep Your Kitten Separated From Your Other Animals For The First Few Days

If you have other pets, you will want to keep the kitten away from these other animals at first. The adjustment to life in your home will be a major ordeal for your new kitten. Being surrounded by other animals that are potentially hostile can further add to the stress of this adjustment. By gradually introducing your kitten to your other pets, you will be able to help avoid the risk of potential fights.

During the separation period, you should keep the kitten in a specific room with the door closed. Also, you should limit the time your kitten spends with your other animals for the first few times that they meet. This will give your pets more time to acclimate to the kitten, which can help avoid fights and promote bonding between your new kitten and your other pets.

Help Your Kitten Become Accustomed To Regular Grooming

It can be a common mistake for cat owners to assume that their cat will not require any grooming maintenance. Often, this belief stems from the belief that cats can fully groom themselves. While it is true that your cat can keep itself clean, you may need to occasionally help your cat with grooming, such as trimming the claws.

Unfortunately, if you have never spent much time handling your kitten, they may be resistant to this type of care as adults. To combat this problem, you should spend several minutes each day touching your cat's paws and brushing their fur. This will help the cat to become used to you grooming it, which will help to keep your cat calm when grooming is necessary. In addition to helping the grooming process go more quickly, this can also have the benefit of minimizing the risk of your getting scratched by a frightened cat.

Scoop Out The Litter Box Every Day

Cleaning the litter box is one of the least enjoyable aspects of owning a cat, but it is essential for both your cat's health and keeping your home sanitary. If you fail to regularly clean your cat's litter box, they may be far more likely to develop urinary tract infections or other issues. Interestingly, there may be times where the litter box does not appear to need to be cleaned, but cats tend to bury their droppings in the litter. As a result, you should run the scooper through the litter to make sure the litter box is empty of waste.

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15 December 2016

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