You're Having A Baby: 3 Steps To Help Your Dog Adjust To The Changes


If you're expecting your first child and you also have a canine family member, you may be noticing some jealousy issues. According to veterinarians, dogs can get jealous too, especially if they feel that they're being knocked down on the priority list. Unfortunately, jealousy can make your dog act out in ways that it wouldn't ordinarily. That doesn't mean your dog is suddenly bad. It just means that it's having a hard time dealing with the changes that are occurring in its life. While you're preparing for the birth of your new baby, here are three simple steps you can take to help your dog adjust.

Involve Your Dog in the Preparations

Before the baby arrives, you're going to be preparing your home. This is the perfect opportunity to help your dog transition to the changes. When you bring baby items into the house, let your dog take a few minutes to sniff around. Allow your dog to stay in the room while you set things up. Including your dog in the preparations will help it adjust to the changes. Be sure to set things up early enough for it to get used to all the new furnishings and accessories.

Change Sleeping Arrangements Slowly

If your dog normally sleeps in bed with you, it's time to transition it to its own bed. However, don't wait until the last minute to make the changes to your sleeping arrangements. Waiting until the baby comes home to move your dog out of the bed will only intensify the feelings of jealousy. To help your dog adjust to its new arrangements, begin making the changes several weeks before the baby arrives. Begin by moving your dog closer to the foot of the bed. If it tries to move back up to its usual place, gently – but firmly – push it back towards the foot of the bed. Continue the slow transition until your dog is sleeping on the floor next to the bed.

Get it Used to the Scent

Dogs learn a lot about their environment through scents. You can help your dog get ready for the new baby by introducing it to the new scent before you come home from the hospital. Bring a small blanket to the hospital with you. Wrap the baby in it for a few hours and then send the blanket home for your dog to sniff. When you come home with your new little one, your dog will already recognize the new scent.

Now that you'll be bringing a new baby home, be sure your dog is ready for the changes. The tips provided above will help your dog overcome jealousy. If you notice a serious change in behavior, such as aggression, be sure to speak to your veterinarian as soon as possible. 


28 December 2016

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