3 Tips To Help You Train Your New Pitbull Puppy


Pitbull puppies and dogs make really great pets if you treat the puppy kindly and train it right. If you just got a puppy from Blue Lycan Kennel, here are three tips that will help you train and take care of your new Pitbull puppy so that it grows up into a sweet, kind and well-trained dog.

#1 Always Supervise Your Puppy

The first step towards training a well behaved Pitbull puppy, or any puppy for that matter, is to make sure that your dog is always supervised. That doesn't mean that you need to be standing over your dog watching it at all times; it just means that you need to monitor and control where your dog is at. Your puppy should not be roaming around your house on their own; without supervision, your puppy is way more likely to go to the bathroom or get into something that they shouldn't.

That means that when you are asleep, your puppy should not be free-roaming around the house; instead, they should be inside of their crate or kennel while you are asleep. When you take your puppy outside, they should be on a leash. When your dog is playing in the house, you should be watching it. Providing your puppy with proper supervision will help teach it how to act and behave in different situations.

#2 Keep Your Puppy On A Leash

When you take your puppy out of their kennel, even inside of your home, keep your puppy on a leash. The leash can be nice and long. The point of having your dog on leash is that it will teach them where they can go in your home. It will also help you keep an eye on your dog and train your dog as to what behavior is acceptable in your home. Keeping your dog on a leash in your home will keep both of you accountable. As you puppy grows and learns where they can go and what they can do, you can gradually wean them off the leash wearing.

#3 Feed Your Puppy On A Set Schedule

Finally, set up a feeding schedule for your dog. Puppies thrive on routine, and giving your dog a set feeding schedule will help your dog know when you are going to feed them. It will help them establish their routine more clearly and it will help establish that you are always going to meet your puppy's primary needs. Give your dog twenty to thirty minutes to eat, then take the food bowl away. Feed them two to three times a day. You should always keep water out for your puppy.

Watch your dog at all times, show them love, affection and guidance, and you should be able to raise a well-loved and well-trained Pitbull dog. 


29 December 2016

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