Why You Shouldn't Skip Your Dog's Shots


Having a dog can be a wonderful thing. Unfortunately, though, having pets can also be quite expensive. Between dog food, collars, toys, vet bills and more, having a dog can really put a damper on your budget. This means that you might be looking for ways to cut corners; for example, you might be thinking about skipping getting your dog's shots. However, even if it might not seem like a big deal to do so, it's actually very important to make sure that your dog is properly vaccinated. These are a few reasons why.

It May Be Illegal

Depending on where you live, there is a good chance that you are required by law to make sure that your dog has certain vaccinations, such as the rabies shot. Many states and local jurisdictions have laws in place that state that your dog has to be vaccinated. The last thing that you probably want to do is break the law as a dog owner, so for this reason alone, you may want to contact a local veterinarian to inquire about this.

You May Not Be Able to Take Your Dog Certain Places

Even though state or local laws might only require you to have your dog vaccinated against rabies, other places might have requirements regarding other vaccinations. For example, if you want to take your dog to a kennel while you travel or if you would like to take your dog to an obedience class, then you might not be able to do so if you can't provide proof that your dog has had all of its shots.

Your Dog Might Get Sick

One of the main reasons why it's important to have your dog vaccinated is to make sure that your dog does not get sick. Even if the chances of your dog getting a disease like rabies might be rare, you do have to worry about other illnesses, such as parvo. Since keeping your furry friend safe and healthy is probably very important to you, then it's very important to consider the importance of having your dog vaccinated.

As you can see, even if you are thinking about skipping your dog's shots, it generally is not a good idea. Instead of doing so, consider calling a veterinarian to find out more about the shots that your dog needs. Then, he or she can tell you more about the appropriate vaccinations for your dog's age and can schedule an appointment for you to bring your dog in for these shots.  


31 December 2016

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