Keep Your Dog Comfortable This Winter


With the change in seasons, there are a few changes that you are going to need to make in order to keep your dog comfortable during this cold time of year. Here are three easy ways to keep your dog comfortable throughout the winter time.

#1 Move Your Dog's Bed

The first thing that you need to do is move your dog's bed. Sleeping near the door or under a window where there is a draft will make your dog cold. Provide your dog with a big warm dog pillow bed or a soft and cozy blanket. Put there bed away from areas where it will be drafty. You may want to place your dog's bed on top of a carpet or rug to further buffer your dog from the cold from the floor.

#2 Dress Your Dog Up

When your dog goes outside to take a walk or play for a while, make sure that you dress your dog up so that they are warm while they are outside. Put dog booties on your dog's paws. Your dog's paws are the first part of their body to get cold, as their body will focus on circulating blood to their main organs when it is cold outside and not to their feet. Additionally, stepping in ice and snow while also encountering salt and other chemicals that are put on roads and walkways during the winter can hurt and damage your dog's paws. Putting on booties will help keep your dog's feet safe and warm when they are outside for extensive periods of time.

When your dog is outside for long periods of time, it is also smart to put a dog sweater on your dog. This will help keep their core warm, and will help your dog avoid hypothermia. Just make sure that you take the sweater off your dog once it is inside, as the sweater can cause your dog's fur to get matted and tangled. It is a good idea to brush your dog once they are inside and their sweater is off to keep their coat tangle free.

#3 Take Care Of Their Feet

When your dog goes outside for a quick bathroom break, make sure that you have two towels ready by the door for when they come back inside. Use one warm, damp towel to remove any dirt and ice that is on your dog's paws. Then, use the dry towel to dry off your dog's paws. You may also want to put petroleum jelly on your dog's paws to keep them soft and moist during the winter time. 

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4 January 2017

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